...All of a sudden The Roaring 20's place keyboard stage-center in this New York-based quartet's sexual-but-barely-consensual rock and roll laboratory. Classically trained pianist turned lothario-frontgod Karl Fey fuses his mannered, pop-poetic lyrical ur-chops with the sickest keyboard breaks this side of Prokofiev, while effete younger brother Kevin contemplatively massages his jealous kit in these pleasantly coded streams of math-rock danceware. Every set comes complete with a rotating (and we do mean rotating) keyboard co-ed, distractedly pantomiming a fleshy cathartic keyboard stand for Herr Fey up and down renditions of legendary live favorites "Deke and Alice and Leslie" (based on a true story!) and "Train Crash Into A Plane Wreck" (a button-pressing post-emo aria about suicide, suicide, and partying).

... Will Ian shred an ethereal hole in outdated special relativity theory with his crisp, proletariat ax chattle? Will Lydia's prepubescent smile inspire New York City's occasionally-willing-to-dance patrician class? Come (and we do mean come) to hear the sounds of The Roaring 20's. Bring your girlfriend and leave without her.


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