Past News

J 25

Thanks to everyone who came to our show, it was a BLAST!

J 6th

New Show Added
Thursday June 22nd at Knitting Factory Main Stage
Buy Tickets

M 31st

New Recordings on the way!

M. 12th

Mat is Graduated.

A. 23rd

New Show just added!
The Friday April 28th 8:30 at Pianos
With Bishop Allen

A. 19th

Our 1 Year Anniversary is tonight!

celebrate with Plane Crash

A. 12th

Our 1 Year Anniversary is just 1 week away!

To celebrate The Roaring 20's are declaring Yom Kippur--all debts forgiven all parties renewed!

A. 5

New Girls

M. 22

Danny Danny

M. 21

Tonight Tonight (new mix)

M. 9


F. 28

Shindig is just one week away. Join us!

F. 16

New Shows added

Next Show March 8th at Shindig

January 21
Happy New Year Everyone!
Updates are coming! new shows in February!

December 30th
Remeber 2005 through The Roaring 20's Photo Highlights

December 12th
The Roaring 20's have a new recording!

right click and "save as" to download Tonight Tonight

December 2nd
Edit our wikipedia article Here

November 17th
- More Shows, our next show is Tuesday November 29th at Pianos

- If you have any photos from our New Haven show please E-mail them to

- Photos from our November 10th show will be up soon.

November 8th
Pianos Show this Thursday!

New away Show added for this Saturday!

October 23rd
New Photos

October 22nd
The Roaring 20's were victorious last night at the NYU battle of the bands!
Thanks to all our fans who came and supported us!

October 17th
New Show added Friday October 21st at NYU Kimmel Center

October 16th
Website ReDesign

October 6th
New show added for November 10th, with Harlem Shakes and Unisex Salon! September 20th
Next show in Harlem! at Albatross!

September 10th
Trash this MONDAY!


Click me for Details

August 31st
Piano's Tonight
New Demo Recordings UP!

August 21st
New bio by level 4 E-Pro M. Deke Shearon

August 17th
New Shows!

Wednesday August 31st at Pianos

Monday September 12th at Trash

Thursday September 15th CMJ at Pianos

August 12th

Make sure to be at ICU bar tomorrow night for an awsome show.

July 30th

We understand there has been a problem with our first run of shirts. We are getting new shirts, and will replace any old shirts.

July 26th

Check out the shows page for upcoming NYC dates, as well as our first upstate show.

July 17th

Lyrics section expanded

Photos from Piano's now up

July 14th

Mp3's from the Pianos show now on the Media page.

July 31st
The Roaring 20's has just gotten a show for this tuesday night.
This show will feature the Pop Wheelies as well as an Open Bar
So why not click here for more details.

July 19th

Don Hill's Show This Sunday July 24th.

July 11th

Important change to tomorrow's show.
We will now be playing at 8PM
The show is still free if you show up before 8, so show up on time!

July 7th

New Show added with The Harlem Shakes at Pianos.
This is part of The Harlem Shakes summer residencey, and it will be breathtaking.
- The Roaring 20's at 8PM, with Free Admisson before 8PM
- Shakes at 9PM
- 18+ before 10PM
- The Roaring 20's at 11:30PM Now 8PM

July 2nd

We would like to thank everyone who came out it the show last night, it was an awsome time. Most of all we would live to thank Maggie for donating her roof to the after party, and the hipsters on the L train who filled our night with laughter.

June 28th

New Show Added for Sunday July 24th.

June 25th

New Show Added for Friday July 1st.

June 24th
Good News: Cassie has joined The Roaring 20's as bassist, details of Cassie's height and drinking preferences will be on the site shortly.

Bad News: Our date at Pianos has been bought out by Michael pitt, but a future date with the Shakes is in the works.

June 21st
Bio Pages for each member are in the works, E-mail us and tell us what you'd like to know.

Start Drinking the Roaring 20's, just ask your bartender for whiskey with a splash of coke.

June 17th
Press Kit Up

May 20th
Photos from the Old Tower Records show up

New Show added for July w/the harlem shakes

May 6th
Show Tonight 20 east 4th at lafayette, Old tower book store.
Art show starts @ 6PM, rock show starts at 9:30 PM!

May 1st
!Video from Glass House up!
right click and "save as" to download

Photos from Glass House up

New show added Friday May 6th @ old tower store

April 24th
Photos from Ben and Jerry's up on the photos page

April 19th
New Show Saturday April 30th at Glass House

April 15th
Voting is closed for the NYU battle of the bands, thanks to everyone who voted.

April 12th
download the new Roaring 20's AIM sound courtesy of Phil Hurwitz

just right click and save as, then add it as a sound in your instant messenger preferences

April 8th
Vote for us in the NYU battle of the Bands!!!
Click here to read the reviews

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